A commissioned oil painting of a dog named ‘Hampus’… love that doggie chew!


Jaws painting saws

Jaws original painting titled ‘Saw’s painted on a vintage 1970s saw and then mounted in a vintage wooden frame.

This piece is SOLD


Painting of a hare

I love painting Hares! There is something about their busy on the go character… and those ears! This portrait is titled ‘On the Lookout’ and is acrylic on a 60cm x 60cm box canvas. Lot of fine hair and whiskers detail went into this one. Particular pleased with the atmospheric background created by mixing with sponges.

Many thanks to wildlife photographer Ray Purkiss for allowing me to use his photograph as a reference.


Cheetah painting

“Agile” – Cheetah painting in acrylic and spray paint on wooden panel 75cm x 50cm.


Painting of a lion

“Pride” – Lion portrait in acrylic on wooden panel 50cm x 40cm


Baby Chimpanzee portrait painting

“Reassurance” – acrylic on wooden box panel 50cm x 40cm


Painting of a Kingfisher

Kingfisher – acrylic on wooden box panel. This painting is now SOLD.

Hareing Around

hare painting

I revisited one of my favourite paintings of the year of this running Hare and have painted him again on a different colour palette background. This piece is titled ‘Hareing Around’ and is 40cm x 40cm on wooden box panel.