Portrait of a ballerina leaping

This ballerina painting, ‘Spring’,  is on a 90cm x 90cm boxed canvas with fire red spray paint.

Painting of a dancer leaping in the air


Portrait of a Ballerina

“Grace” – Ballerina portrait in acrylic on spray painted background. Boxed canvas 3′ x 2′. This painting is SOLD but please contact me to commission your own!

John Travolta

Pulp Fiction painting

Acrylic portrait of John Travolta as Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction. This is taken from the iconic twist dance scene with Uma Thurman (Mia Wallace) at the jack Rabbit Slim’s club. Below is a youtube clip from the scene:-


Ballerina painting titled ‘Attitude’. Here I have used mainly black acrylic paint and one brush type. The effect is almost like a graffiti stencil (ala Banksy). The background is spray painted. Added a touch of pale pink for the ballet shoes. Box canvas 1m x 0.5m


Ballet painting

Just finished these three ballerina paintings as a client commission. The blue shoes match the interior design furnishings for the room they will hang in. Look great as a set (called a ‘triptych’ in the trade!). Each painting is 3′ x 2′ on a boxed canvas and is a combination of spray paint and acrylic.

These paintings are sold but please contact me to commission your own painting.

painting of dancers

Michael Jackson

Painted portrait of Michael Jackson

This painting is based on the early years of Michael Jackson as a solo artist and is inspired by his dance moves when performing Billie Jean. Personally I think these were the best MJ times. Whatever you think about him you have to acknowledge he could move! I think painting him in silhouette adds some of the drama around the enigma! Acrylic and spray paint portrait.

This painting is sold.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dancer painting

A client commission to create a new version of one of my modern dancer paintings for a family friend to match her version in yellow… but this one in blue tones.

This painting is sold. Please contact me to commission your own painting.

Sandy from Grease

Olivia Newton John in Grease

Sandy (Olivia Newton John) from Grease. Can’t believe that film is nearly forty years old!