Hotel commission

Bailiffscourt Hotel painting

I was asked by a client who has a couple of my paintings to create a wedding present for her Mum. The venue for the wedding is also her favourite hotel, Bailiffscourt Hotel in Sussex where the couple have stayed many times. So her daughter and sister felt it was the perfect wedding present to give them a watercolour painting of the Hotel.

Swedish Cottage

Painting of a Swedish Cottage

If you like your ‘Scandi Noir’ TV shows then you may recognise this street from Wallander!  It is in Ystad, Sweden where they filmed the TV show. This watercolour painting was commissioned by a client for her Dad’s 80th birthday. It was his Aunt’s house and he has very good memories of childhood times there.

Watercolour of a cottage

Something’s Gotta Give

House from Somethings gotta give

I have a client in California who loves movies written and directed by Nancy Meyers. She has commissioned a series of paintings of houses that appear in Nancy’s movies. This latest one is Diane keaton’s beach house in The Hamptons from the movie Something’s Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson.

House in Texas

Painting of a house in watercolours

I was recently commissioned to paint this watercolour painting of a new home in Texas. The client gave it to her brother as a moving in present.

Father of the Bride

Painting of the house in Father of the Bride

I have a collector of my work in America who has commissioned me to paint a series of portraits of famous houses from movies and TV shows. It’s a really nice idea and a unique collection to have.

This latest one is the Banks residence from the 1991 movie ‘Father of the Bride’ featuring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. It’s a classic house design with the shutters and weatherboarding.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls house

A client in the USA who has previously commissioned paintings of famous houses from the movies requested a new painting of this house in the Gilmore Girls TV show. She particularly wanted the house when the Wisteria is in bloom on the terrace. It’s a theatrical set which changes all the time in the show so I had to improvise from a variety of reference pictures. The Gilmore mailbox is iconic in the show so we needed to include that too in the finished A3 watercolour.

Puglia Villa

Painting of a Puglia house

A client commissioned me through Instagram to paint her villa in Puglia, Italy. Watercolour A4.

LA house in The Holiday

A client recently purchased a limited edition of my painting of the cottage from the film The Holiday. Her sister saw it and commissioned me to paint a watercolour of the LA house owned by Cameron Diaz in the movie to give to her sister as a present. Should like great framed and hung side by side!