Star Trek Enterprise

Painting of Star Trek USS Enterprise

I have the best clients! When one of my collectors asked me to create a painting of the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation I was only too happy to oblige! I love a challenge and this certainly was creating a Galaxy! The painting is based on the one Picard has hanging in his Ready Room in the series.

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso painting

“Believe” – Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis). Who doesn’t want a drop of eternal optimism with their cup of tea in the morning? The ideal painting for a kitchen wall?! Ted Lasso is a superb TV show – we love it!

This painting is now SOLD but please contact me to commission your own!

Tommy Shelby

Painting of Tommy Shelby

Tommy Shelby portrait painting (Cillian Murphy) from the TV show Peaky Blinders. Acrylic on artboard 42cm x 30cm.

Tommy Shelby painting

Dustin – Stranger Things

DUstin in STranger Things portrait painting

I know Eleven has the super powers and Steve is the eye candy but my Stranger Things guilty pleasure has always been Dustin… doing it for all us geeks. Acrylic portrait on canvas 30cm x 25cm.

Wonder Woman

Painting of Wonder Woman

A commissioned painting of Wonder Woman. I included in the painting Lynda Carter as her alter ego in the TV show Diana Prince. This painting of Wonder Woman was a real labour of love as she was my first crush as an 8 year old boy in the 1970s!

Kylie Minogue

Commissioned painting (a lady commissioned for her husband!) of Kylie Minogue. A ‘mini-Minogue’ portrait measuring a diminutive 6″x6″. Painted in acrylic on a wooden block and part of my Mini Icons series.


Tintin painting

This commission was created on pages from the Tintin book, The Castafiore Emerald, which was published 60 years ago on the same day as the client’s wife (pictured), whose birthday it was painted for.


Painting of Snoopy

“We all love a hug” – original portrait 80cm x 80cm on canvas. A hug is such a simple gesture but feels SO good! It was really missed when it was taken away from us all! This painting is my Snoopy ‘homage’! I’ve been drawing him since I was a kid.

This painting is Sold. Please contact me to commission your own special painting.