Rock n Roll

Traffic sign with rock n roll hand gesture painting

Rock n Roll hand with tattoo painted on an original rollling rocks warning traffic sign. In a Monty Python pop art style.


Elvis Presley painting

Elvis Presley painted on a 50 road sign.

Saab Viggen

Painting of a Viggen jet

I recently got to know the super talented guys at Malm when I bought one of their pilot watches. They design and manufacture amazing watches for the Swedish armed forces and then make editions of these available to the public.

Malm recently created a Viggen watch named after one of Sweden’s iconic fighter jets. They had some old panels from an original Viggen jet and commissioned me to create a couple of paintings on them to hang in their showroom. I really enjoyed this project being both a watch and military aircraft fan! It was a privilege to be trusted to paint on such rare parts of an iconic plane.


Queens on ceramic plate

Inspired by a recent trip to the Fornasetti exhibition, I thought I would try my hand at art on ceramics too! This piece is titled Queens and features Freddie Mercury and Queen Elizabeth II on a vintage plate. The design has been created in Photoshop, printed and applied with water transfer paper. It is framed in a box frame. 27cm x 27cm.


Jaws painting saws

Jaws original painting titled ‘Saw’s painted on a vintage 1970s saw and then mounted in a vintage wooden frame.

This piece is SOLD

Bond in Goldfinger

James Bond painting in Goldfinger

Painting of James Bond in Goldfinger on cardboard. This is the infamous scene when Goldfinger attempts to kill James Bond with a laser cutting him in half right through the ‘double ohhh 7’.

I painted Sean Connery as Bond on torn cardboard so I could have the laser cut through the piece complete with charred burn marks! I gold leafed the lettering which is the famous quote from the movie:-

Bond: “Do you expect me to talk?”
Goldfinger: “No Mr.Bond, I expect you to die!”

This piece is SOLD.

Portraits for the NHS

I was delighted to participate in the Portraits for NHS Heroes initiative. The idea of the scheme is to recognise the efforts of frontline NHS workers during the Covid crisis. Artists offer to create portraits for free through their Instagram pages and NHS workers contact them to request a painting.

I matched up with Cameron who is an Operations Manager for West Midlands Ambulance Service. He has worked for them since he finished his paramedic science degree at the age of 23. He’s currently acting up as a Tactical Commander for the region during the COVID-19 crisis.

Both Cameron and his partner who nominated him were delighted with the painting which is on its way to their home in the Midlands.

To see over 700 paintings from this incredible art initiative (including my one of Cameron) please visit the exhibition website: 

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls house

A client in the USA who has previously commissioned paintings of famous houses from the movies requested a new painting of this house in the Gilmore Girls TV show. She particularly wanted the house when the Wisteria is in bloom on the terrace. It’s a theatrical set which changes all the time in the show so I had to improvise from a variety of reference pictures. The Gilmore mailbox is iconic in the show so we needed to include that too in the finished A3 watercolour.