Mercedes Benz 300sl

The Mercedes-Benz 300sl Gullwing is one of the most beautiful cars of all time. If I ever win the lottery this car will be top of my shopping list! But for now I have to settle for just painting one!

The doors, of course, are the outstanding feature of the car, and with both of them open, the reason it’s known as ‘Gullwing’ becomes obvious. The shape is both elegant and functional. The Gullwing Coupé was in production for a surprisingly short three years, during which only 1,400 examples were built between 1954 and 1957. Many celebrities in the 1950’s owned Gullwings including Clark Gable, Tony Curtis, and Sophia Loren. Here is Sophia with hers:-



This painting is sold. Please contact me to commission your own.