Motoring and Aviation artist Richard Wheatland

As a Motorsport and classic car fanatic, I count myself very lucky to live close to Brooklands Museum, the spiritual home of Motorsport in the UK. The Museum is a fantastic place to visit and has the right balance of period and modern to create a real sense of the atmosphere of those pioneering race meetings at the circuit over a century ago. We are Brooklands Trust Members and as such we are often invited to member events.


Earlier this month they held an excellent event I attended with a presentation by Motorsport & Aviation artist Richard Wheatland.
The talk was accompanied by a tasty Sunday roast dinner and Richard had an exhibition of approximately 20 original paintings. I thought this was an opportunity not to be missed to hear the experiences and inspiration of a professional and respected motoring artist.


Richard is a founder member of The Guild of Motoring Artists and a member of The Guild of Aviation Artists. He explained that you have to have your paintings accepted by your peers to become members of both societies so this is no mean achievement!

  richardw2 richardw5

Looking at his work up close the level of detail he puts into his paintings is extraordinary. He especially had an excellent technique for showing reflection in shiny bodywork of classic cars. Richard shared that some of the paintings have upwards of 80 hours work in them. His career has developed from painting cars to vintage aircraft and has taken him all over the world… Something I can aspire to. Perhaps!


During the talk I particularly enjoyed a recurring theme where Richard recounted tales of showing his paintings at various club events. There always seemed to be an ‘expert’ who offered their feedback along the lines of “nice paintings….but….you know that MG didn’t have those wheels” or “that jet could never fly with both burners lit” etc!


Stand out paintings for me were a Ferrari (sorry for rubbish photo!) and a Spitfire over the Goodwood Revival.
I was sorely tempted to buy the Ferrari original painting which I thought was extremely good value at £575. I encourage you to check out Richard’s art at


All images reproduced here are copyright ©Richard Wheatland