Perfect place for a painting

Choosing art is an emotional process. Often you just fall in love with a painting or photo and buy it…. and then the realisation hits you that you haven’t really got anywhere to hang it!  Very occasionally all the stars align and I paint a subject which fits perfectly for a client. It’s just what they were looking for and they have the ideal place for it. This happened recently when I painted this portrait of Sophia Loren from the film Arabesque with Gregory Peck. It had only been for sale publicly for two hours when a client saw it and bought it immediately. It turned out she was looking for a painting to hang in the bathroom of her apartment overlooking Lake Como!  It was almost as if I painted it especially!

Many thanks to the lovely client who sent this photo of it hanging on her bathroom wall… always great to see where my paintings end up (and wow…Lake Como!)

Painting of Sophia Loren