Zinsky Preview Evening

Last night we went to a preview evening of a new collection of paintings by portrait artist Zinsky at our local gallery, Whitewall in Guildford. Zinsky’s artwork is off the scale! He has some serious skills and the detail he achieves is incredible. I found the paintings very inspirational and I hope to bring that to my work going forwards. The use of graffiti and colour throughout gives the portraits a really contemporary ‘of the now’ feel even when the subjects are icons from the past.

It was great to meet Zinsky at the exhibition and he is a very down to earth and unassuming artist. With such an uber talent it would be understandable if there was an ego there but pleased to write there was none of that which was extremely refreshing! Makes me like him even more!

We ordered a fantastic limited edition of Travolta in Pulp Fiction and can’t wait to see that on our wall. It’s going to be stunning.  Thought I’d share a few pictures from the event here. You should really check out Zinsky’s incredible talent on his website here





Images copyright ©Zinsky and ©whitewallgallery