A client living in Los Angeles commissioned this huge painting of Sandy and the Pink Ladies from Grease. She is a massive Grease fan and loves the ‘Tell me about it, stud’ moment in the movie! The Grease painting is 60″ x 36″ on a deep box canvas. Amazingly it is over 40 years ago now that the film premiered in the US! I really enjoyed painting this iconic movie moment. The development of the painting started with the clouds which were spray painted. I then moved on to work on Sandy’s (Olivia Newton John) face and the leathers to make sure the iconic look was right. The client wanted to include enough detail from the funfair like the dodgems and balloons to give the atmosphere of the scene. Very appropriate that the painting will live over in L.A. where a lot of the move was filmed in the 1970s.

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Portrait painting of Sandy from the movie Grease