I was a big fan of Tintin as a kid growing up in the 1970’s. I had the Hergé comic books and loved the animated films that were shown during the school holidays. Recently I stumbled on a pile of the comic books in a secondhand bookshop in Covent Garden. I bought them straight away to relive my youth and thought that I could make a tribute piece of Tintin art from them.

I’ve wanted to create a collage/decoupage piece for a while now so felt this would be the ideal opportunity with these. There is an iconic image of Tintin and his dog, Snowy, running in a spotlight which is instantly recognisable so I decided to work this one up. I used full pages from the books sprayed black to create the spotlight on the canvas and acrylic paint to create the shadow.

Tintin and Snowy were handcut from black foamboard and I then carefully selected images from the books to suit the colours of Tintin’s clothes, face, hair etc. It took a while to match in the right images and colours to make it work and to add interest for the person viewing the artwork. The characters were then fixed to the backdrop so they are raised away from the surface to create a 3D effect.

Sorry but this piece has been sold …. but if you would like to commission an artwork like this then please drop me a line using the contact form or emailing studio@nickpaints.co.uk  (I still have plenty of Tintin reference material!)